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....I could be doing this alone

I know its been a really really long time since I have wrote in this but I know not many people read these anymore so i know I can just vent my feelings and what not.

I have recently moved on and trying to get back to where I use to be. its diffrent I am back in an apartment yet my surroundings are way diffrent. I dont have the busy people outside my window and the 12th floor but I do have the busy street that I cant see because of a bunch of trees. I do have at least one room mate and yet I love him to death its still not the same. i try to cover things up like get a dog because I knew I would miss the dog I had known from the day they brought her home and knowing she was not my dog its just my love of animals. I love my dog but he does not listen and all he does is bark.

It helps to know that my roommate knows me very well and its good to know my old roomates still care about me because I am told they check up on me all the time. They know me so well that they tell me new roommate how I am and it makes me feel really loved but why does it hurt so much to move on. I know I dont live there anymore I really wonder if I did not run from my problems would I still be there today or would I have ever gone in the first place when I ran from my mother.

i always tell myself things happen for a reason and its true I needed to grow up it was needed and no I am stong and I will get through this I have come so far already no more ups and downs I am a strong women and I know I will always have them in my life and they will always be my family they brought me up to who I am today a resposible adult with a drivers licence lol I am a truly greatful for them!

As for my new step into adult hood I just need to stay strong and be greatful I have someone still with me because I could be doing this alone...
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