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Life is like a book... it's full of many chapters part 2

I wrote this entry one year from 3 days ago....

Life is like a book... it's full of many chapters
Alright Kids this post is for Jarrad since he asked to have this thing updated once a week... even though some of us have not updated since June but we just won't talk about that...

Well for those who don't know I have had a lot of changes in my life and when I say changes I mean I have moved out of my home not by choice and trying to life it one day at a time. Its not as easy as it looks. I am just glad that I have a very loving "brother/sister" and a best friend who are letting me stay with them!! I have always loved the city and have always been told when I would go to my grandma's house and referd to as "the city kid" but now I know what that means... and I love having that title because I love the city... ok the country is nice to get away if you want quiet but if you know me you know that I am far from a quiet one.. I love all the buildings and the life that goes on so many people and everything is so close and walking distance which is always nice to do even though I tend to complain about it.

It was hard at first trying to find a job and then and still finding my way around and tend to get lost... but we just wont go there... I went though and still kinds go through the what if's and what can I do if somthing goes wrong... I feel like I have grown up a bit over the past month and I feel that it was needed. Just somtimes I miss those who impacted me to becoming who I am today if it was not for you guys I would not be the type of person I am today and those who also push me to do things to get over fears that I need to over come. I feel that I learn somthing new everyday rather it be with work or just life in genreal... I may have days where I seem down but that is only because its making me stonger for days to come. I don't want to go back to the beginging I have come so far and just don't want to look back...

I want to look forward... I want to look forward into going back to school, making new friendships and keep the friendships and bonds I have already made. I am done with going through friends like their underwear but its so hard to trust people these days because it never fails you have at least one friend that stabs you in the back and deny it when you ask them about it and that really bothers me but there is really nothing you can do about it I guess. That is why its so hard for me to make new friendships because I don't want to be lead to hurt and then disapointment.

I have goals that I hope to achive and by my new road that I am on I hope to acomplish them. There are going to be days where I think what am I doing?!?! but in reality its for the best and again I am glad that I am not alone... and thankful that I don't have to be "homeless" I love you guys very much thank you for all that you do and have done :)

Well thats all folks... for now at least... I will try and update you on the new chapters in my new life but as of right now I have to go get ready for work... a girl has to make a living somehow and bills don't pay themselves at least I wish they did but they don't... I'm out :)

Yeah I should really re read a lot of my posts... this is a good one Guess what a year later and I am still with the famliy that loves me yet we are in a bigger house and have a dog and I have new friends that I wanted and even know downtown now lol

I see new years resoultions in my future :D
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