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Feeling like a rockstar!

Yeah I know its been a while but what can I say I am a busy girl!!!
I think I am finally back to feeling like myself and let me tell you how good to feels to be yourself again. You tend to realize what you have been missing.
I don't have to many days where I just want to be alone or just so down.

Things are going well for me. I enjoy my job and enjoy the fresh air I get everyday when I am outside sweating my butt off I feel like its shrinking LOL

So I was really looking forward to going to the Kelly concert this summer but since she had to cancel it I had to think what else could I do this year that I would enjoy and make up for what I really was looking forward too... Oh lets see what makes Keri excited and happy all at the same time DUH!!! I put the hag in drag hag LOL you don't see my skinny no butt self on stage collecting tips for my "mom" Evelyn just to be in the spot like LOL So I am crossing my fingers that Miss Efo works it out this weekend at her prelim and had the chance to compete for Miss Gay America because I would LOVE to go again this year and that would FOR SURE take the place of my Kelly concert Hey its not kelly but boys in dresses still make me smile HAHA yeah I sound really creepy oh lord I need a hobby LOL

So my goal for this summer is to save enough money so I can take off time from work and actually go and see a REAL competition. I saw the final night last year and that was a blast and I would love to see the entire thing now because I have never scene someone want something so bad and even with everything that had gone on in there life this year still have the desire and motivation and energy to compete for something they really want! I give you props Evelyn and I hope you shine this weekend like I know you can!!!

Thank God I have a car now but I for sure have to take in consideration of gas prices by then ugh... I don't want to think about it but trust me I know it will be worth it and maybe my cancellation of Kelly's concert was my ticket to the south!

Sorry its so long but I got on a rant LOL whats new?!?!

I'm out!
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