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Life Leasons

Sometimes I feel like if I could just start over things would be diffrent... I wish life had redo's because I feel like I would redo a lot of things but then again you could look at them as little life leasons but why is it so hard for it to sink in to not do it over and over again!

I somtimes feel like I am not good enough like I try and some how I always seem to mess it up or mess up.

I feel very unhappy and I don't understand why... well I guess I do I miss having friends. Staying up late nights and watching movies and buying so much junk food it lasted us 4 days LOL

I feel like people get tired of me. They find somthing better and they move on and just leave me behind. I feel lost knowing i'm in the right direction but its hell to get there. I know I can't turn back. That would be stupid. It's the easy way out and the easy way is not so easy.

I need to stay strong for myself... i'm just scared... worried things are going to turn out as I have been warned. But then again add that to the learning list.
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