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Home Sweer Home

I felt like life was sinking in on the way home from work today. That feeling when you pull down your street knowing you are almost home. Yet today I actually felt that. I know its the place that had the room I rent with my clothes and bed I sleep in but for some reason it really felt like home. it might also be the fact that I feel like I have accomplished things that I did not know I had in me.

I was given a task about 2 months ago... I was given a deadline and was suppose to follow through. To my own shock I actually did it and still can't believe it happened.
I don't know why I waited this long all I know is I feel like I am not trapped anymore. I don't feel locked down. I feel everyday that I am growing up and into the person that I always wanted to be. I mean people say things happen for a reason and honestly its true even if you have to go through some very hard times to get there.

Being home alone all weekend really makes you think! I feel like this is a new beginning and its only just starting...
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