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Light at the end of the tunnel

HEY!! So I felt like it was time for another update in good ol' Keri's Life LOL I got inspired by my loving roommie to post :)

Finally settled into my new home and I love every minute of it!! I am SOOOO happy that I was asked to move into this huge house with such loving people that care so much about me. I honestly could not ask for anyone better to live with!

Other highlights... I quit one of my jobs so I can focus more on just one. I am now working as a cashier but in outside lawn and garden meaning I get to work outside all summer!!! With my one job I was able to buy a car!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yes you heard that right I have my own wheels and I think I love that more then I thought I would LOL I felt lost when I went to pay for it and she had to take my keys for like 15 mins.

We also go a puppy!! Shes a terrier-lab mix and is so cute. I missed having a dog around but just sucks when you have to get up so early to take care of her but its worth it!

Other then that life seems like its getting on the right track again and I owe everything to my roommates who have helped me in every way to make it possible :)

I love you guys and I thank you so much!!!!!!

Things that I am looking forward to is nice summer car... road trips to Canada (you know its going to happen LOL) and enjoying my new life!!

Until next time
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