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yes im still here...

Wow I can't belive I even have time to post an entry LOL let see lots has been going on in my life the last past month... I am now working 2 jobs and both full time. Its VERY hard but I am trying to get into it! With the help of my roomies to push me its helping. They also bought a house and letting me rent a room from them :) Hopfully it will work out and be a good change in a good way. I am very nervous about the whole thing because I don't like change so much and it also has been hard because looking back a year ago it was so not suppose to be like this. I was suppose to be living with Dustin in our own appartment and going to school and enjoying life. Well even though it did not work out that way I have to remember my life right now it far better then before. I have another family that only wants the best for me even thought I might not see it at times. I kinda feel like I lose somthing everytime I change somthing... I just hope things will get better soon and so I won't feel so depressed all the time. It sucks a lot and I know it frusterates those who are close to me because I am always complaining about somthing. I know its life and I need to stick it out it will get better at least I need to conitinue to tell myself that.

Well thats all for now I have to get back to cleaning before I head into work... hope everyone is having a good day!
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